Контрактное производство :: SEA Company
Contract Manufacturing

We offer SMD and DIP mounting of any complexity to our partners and customers. We are focused both on prototypes manufacturing and on the batch production as well. SMD mounting is carried out with high quality supplies and materials and on the automatic processing equipment. DIP mounting is performed by qualified staff in compliance with international IPC/JEDEC standards. Manual insertion and assembly of any complexity is used in cases when automatic processing is impossible. We guarantee the quality of our products and provide 100% visual inspection of all the products from the assembly line. Via comprehensive control on all the stages of the manufacturing – from incoming inspection  to packaging products – we mitigate the possibility of poor-quality or defective goods shipment to our customers.

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Semi Knocked Down Assembly (SKD) Of Products Of Any Complexity
  • Manufacturing Cable Loops And Wire Bundles
  • PCB Coating With Moisture-Proof Materials
  • Manufacturing Of Pilot Batches And Specimen Products

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